March 20, 2010

Makes me want to wag my tail...

...when it comes I want to wail MAIL!

So this past weekend I made a trip home and to my surprise (I wasn't expecting them yet) I had quite a few little packages. But before I could open them I had to of course give some attention to the love of my life...


Yes, that would be my dog, Midnight. No more had I gotten in the door when I was covered in kisses and hair, but it was exactly what I needed after a two and a half hour intense drive home. Anyway, after that whole ordeal of being "attacked," I quickly ran to the kitchen to collect my packages, well where I should have been able to find them. You see, I had put my little brother in charge of them to make sure they would be on the counter when I arrived. That was a big mistake! He decided it would be funny to try to "hide" them on me. I had found two out of the three before I enlisted my dog to help, however we could not find it.
While waiting for Dalt (my brother) I grew impatient and ripped open what I had and was as excited as a 5-year-old on Christmas. I don't know what it is but every time I get something in the mail (other than a bill) I feel like it's my birthday or Christmas! It wasn't too long before Dalton came home and gave me my last parcel, which was the one I had waited for. YARN!

I had ordered yarn from Knit Picks for a project that I am excited to get started on. So excited that I have already started it before I had planned on :)  This project I think I have mentioned before, the crocheted laptop case I got the idea from Yoonie. I'll try to put up my own kind of tutorial for it when I finish, but that might be a little bit yet with trying to get through the last two weeks of school, finals, and the fact that I only ordered half of the yarn I really needed for my behemoth of a laptop. But heres a little glimpse at what I have done so far.

March 11, 2010


With all my crafting supplies packed up and at home with my parents, I have nothing to do in my down time. It's the "calm before the storm" so to speak until finals and now I'm wondering why I sent everything home so soon. Well in the meantime I have been munching on starbursts and I am making a chain, not sure exactly what I am going to do with it but I think it's really cute. You can see for yourself below. Going home this weekend and heard that my yarn arrived in the mail so I might get a head start on that laptop case. We shall see...

March 8, 2010

Previous Projects

So I was feeling kind of bad for starting this blog so early with out the glimpse of a project until May (plus I really wanted to post some pictures to try and get the hang of wordpress) that I thought I would share some of my previous projects. Sorry that all I am posting is my scrapbooking/card making projects (I don't have any pictures of my crocheting projects, that will change).  Anyway, here you go and enjoy:

March 6, 2010

If you're like me... probably have drawers full of supplies just itching to get used in a project. Like that Kelly green yarn you absolutely had to have because it would be a great pop of color in a project (but which one?) or that pad of scrapbook paper that was on sale for a great price which looked great in the store, but once it got home it didn't look at all what you thought (kind of like the men I have chosen, but that's another story). I call this syndrome "Supplynutism." Basically whenever one walks into the store and is just over come with all the colors, textures and glitter all around that they lose sight of why they are actually there.

I am the type of person who is always searching the internet for fun projects or ideas that are cute, fun and easy to make. Don't get me wrong though, I also have those projects that I don't have the skill level to complete such as fair isle knit gloves, however, I don't know how to knit. I guess you could call me the "wanna be " of the crafting world.  But starting May 8th that is all going to change...

Let me first start off by introducing myself. My name is Christine and I am currently working on getting a degree in dairy science. During school I live on campus in an apartment with three other people and tend to spend most of my time in my room working on homework for class. I'm not the average college student, by that I mean I don't go out on weekends to party, instead I like to stay at home and craft or hang with friends. When school is on break, I go live with my parents where I help with projects around the house and craft as well (my life is quite boring, hence why my blog is not so much about that).

As for my crafting life, I haven't been doing it that long (only a couple of years). The first thing I did was scrapbook and have been doing that for a while. Sadly though I have not been lately. Probably because last year I taught myself to crochet and have been doing that. However, right now all of my crafting is on hold until the school year is over so I can focus on finals. So that is why this project won't start until May 8th so check back then.

The plan is this summer to find projects that are fun, appealing, and functional and most importantly in a level I can handle. Most projects will probably be crocheting or scrapbooking, but I will try to incorporate other techniques as I would like to try beading, knitting, painting, and sewing. With each project I will push myself a little more and more. Plus I will try to post where I get the projects from so you can make it too or at least point you in the right direction.

The first project is going to be a crocheted laptop case that I've been dying to make so be sure to come back for that. Until then I will try to post some pictures of previous projects of mine but that may take a little bit.
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

P.S. I will apologize now for the fact that I am not a writer (if you couldn't tell) so my posts will probably be a little choppy.