June 26, 2010

Come on down to the Mighty County Fair!

It’s that time of year again, you know with all the livestock, races, rides, vendors, contests and more. Normally the fair is nothing to toot your horn at, but this year there was actually some pretty neat stuff. The first day was Wednesday, June 23 where I was up at the fairgrounds around 8:30 am to watch my cousin show her first calf.

 She did such a great job and I was so proud of her, getting second place but still a blue ribbon. The judge even gave her praise saying she did everything right, but just wished she had worked with the calf a little longer. Did I mention I was so proud of her, and she is so adorable in her cow girl hat!

Later that night, I went to the rodeo. Four words: Chap wearin’ cowboys, HELL-O!

It was a lot of excitement watching these guys get bucked around. Plus the crowd was great! Can I get a YEEE-HAAA?!?! Stay crafty everyone!

June 20, 2010

There is a new additon to the family!

In a previous post I had mentioned that we were thinking about getting another dog, well guess what? We did!

Here she is! Our new dog is a ten month old Pit Bull/Black Lab mix named Tempest and she is such a sweetheart. Here are some interesting facts about Temp:
  • For being such a little dog, she has quite the low pitched bark. 
  • She loves to snuggle and when it's her nap time she can be found laying on my lap.
  • When ever Lady Gaga music is playing she seems to relax and calm down.
  • Her and Midnight love to play tug-o-war. It's hilarious to watch.
  • She was rescued from an animal shelter that is in desperate need of money as all of them are. I'm thinking I could put my crafty skills to good use in raising some money some time. If you would be interested in helping or know any information on how to start a fundraiser like that please contact me.
  • Best of all she a big fan of playing in the sand box.

Hopefully I didn't bore too many of you. I tend to think of my pets as kids and Tempest is definitely my little baby girl.
And most importantly, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dad's out there! Love you Daddy!

June 15, 2010

I'm "On the Edge"

for these pillowcases by You Go Girl! that is (sorry bad joke). I absolutely fell in love with these babies, so much so that I used the same fabric. That's right, that mystery fabric I ordered a while back...

If you are wondering, both fabrics are from the collection Love by Amy Butler (It's like sleeping on a field of flowers). That ball of yarn there is from the Shine Sport selection by KnitPicks in Green Apple. Doesn't it look great with the fabric? It's nice and soft too, great for a pillowcase. And since I'm handing out compliments, I have to say that the tutorial to make these pillowcases is easy to follow and includes great photos for us visualizers! So "You Go Girl!" (another bad joke, sorry)

Considering I haven't sewn in a year or so and never done a hem they came out really nice. Don't they look great in the sunshine? I'm ready to go crawl into bed right now! ZZZZzzzzz.... huh...what OH SORRY!

Basically, if you have seen these pillowcases around other blogs or the tutorial itself and have thought about making them...DO IT!! Such an easy project that will brighten up any bed, plus when you rest your head on them you can go to sleep knowing you made them with your own two hands. Stay crafty!