March 20, 2010

Makes me want to wag my tail...

...when it comes I want to wail MAIL!

So this past weekend I made a trip home and to my surprise (I wasn't expecting them yet) I had quite a few little packages. But before I could open them I had to of course give some attention to the love of my life...


Yes, that would be my dog, Midnight. No more had I gotten in the door when I was covered in kisses and hair, but it was exactly what I needed after a two and a half hour intense drive home. Anyway, after that whole ordeal of being "attacked," I quickly ran to the kitchen to collect my packages, well where I should have been able to find them. You see, I had put my little brother in charge of them to make sure they would be on the counter when I arrived. That was a big mistake! He decided it would be funny to try to "hide" them on me. I had found two out of the three before I enlisted my dog to help, however we could not find it.
While waiting for Dalt (my brother) I grew impatient and ripped open what I had and was as excited as a 5-year-old on Christmas. I don't know what it is but every time I get something in the mail (other than a bill) I feel like it's my birthday or Christmas! It wasn't too long before Dalton came home and gave me my last parcel, which was the one I had waited for. YARN!

I had ordered yarn from Knit Picks for a project that I am excited to get started on. So excited that I have already started it before I had planned on :)  This project I think I have mentioned before, the crocheted laptop case I got the idea from Yoonie. I'll try to put up my own kind of tutorial for it when I finish, but that might be a little bit yet with trying to get through the last two weeks of school, finals, and the fact that I only ordered half of the yarn I really needed for my behemoth of a laptop. But heres a little glimpse at what I have done so far.