December 22, 2010

Home Again

It is so nice to be home after a long semester. It seems that the longer I am in school the less I like it, but there is only a year and a half left. So today I have some pictures to share with you of the dogs and a quick recipe for the season that I call Reindeer Poop. Stay crafty and happy holidays!


1 Package of Oreos 
(any variety or something close will do; be creative) 
1 - 8 oz. Package of Cream Cheese
2 to 3 - Packages of Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate

Directions: Soften the cream cheese and crush the cookies into a powder. Put in same bowl and mix using a fork, or whatever utensil you like to use. Place bowl in fridge while you melt the chocolate as directed by package. Once chocolate is melted take bowl out get a spoon and form into small balls. Then swirl the sphere in the melted chocolate till completely covered. Place covered balls on a cookie sheet that is covered in wax paper or saran wrap. When finished place in fridge or freezer for chocolate to harden and enjoy.