August 6, 2011

There's a New Sheriff in Town

I had received such lovely comments on my Betty Boop Collection that I thought I would share with you the new little lady to join the rest of them. Isn't she cute?

 I also picked up some new nail polish from my hairdressers. They are all from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean line. From left to right it's Skull and Crossbones, Mermaid Tears and Planks A Lot. I have only tried out Skull and Crossbones so far and have to say I love it, it's a great neutral!

And just a heads up, I may not be around here for the next couple weeks as I am getting ready to move back to school for one last year (AHHHH!). After I get settled in I hope to get some crafting done before classes actually start, you know so the name of my blog actually has some truth to it haha. When I get back to my apartment I will actually have space to scrapbook and what not. So look forward to that.

Also, I do have a little something special planned to share with you all. I'm just waiting for a few things to fall into place and once they do I will get it posted! So until then, stay crafty!