July 3, 2010

Jumping for Joy!

Whoooo-hoooo! IT'S HERE!! What you may ask, well go on take a look...

For those of you who don't know of Lucy (Attic24) you should head over there after you read this because she is an amazing lady. For those of you who do know about Lucy then you might know about the "We Love Lucy" group on ravelry.com. It was through that group that I discovered a new love of swapping!

Last month or so, there was a thread to sign up for a swap, and having wanted to get my feet wet for other crochet swaps, I signed up. It was such a great experience and my partner definitely sent great stuff!

At approximately 12:43 pm, my mailman knocked on the door and in his hand I see the package I have been waiting for. I nearly ripped it out of his hands and hugged it as I signed the paper saying it was delivered. My mailman was getting a kick out of my expressions, I hope I brightened his day as much as the package did mine.

Before the mailman made it down the ramp out front, I had bolted into the house to grab my camera and scissors. My dogs were watching me bob from room to room and then back out the door. Anyway, I carefully cut the top of the envelope just enough to not cut anything inside. And then bam, my hand was in pulling out the oh so soft yarn (Sirdar Luxury Soft that is), the vibrant and beautiful crocheted flower pin, the yummy in my tummy chocolates, the now drool stained Cath Kidston catalog, and a lovely greeting from Sarah (Shelbycat) on Sheep Poo Paper.

Sarah did such a great job and I can not wait to use that lovely yarn to make some...pillow covers I think for some shams. The colors look great with my new pillowcases that I made a while back and a girl can always use a few more pillows in the bed. And Tempest also wants to say you did a great job as well. When I brought everything in, the crochet flower had fallen to the floor and she kindly pointed it out to me. As a reward I decided to put it on her collar for a little bit while we went out on the deck to enjoy the weather. When I put that pin on her she was strutting around the house and showing it off to Midnight. She was being quite the "Pretty Girl" (but very camera shy when I tried to take her picture).

Sarah I just hope you will enjoy everything I sent you as much as I have enjoyed what you sent :s And to my other readers, if there are any of you out there, I hope to get to know you all and would love to hear from you. But as always stay crafty!