October 9, 2010

What I like to call the "Meredith Grey"

 I am a big HUGE fan of the show "Grey's Anatomy" on ABC. I have to watch it every week on television and then again online to make sure I didn't miss anything, which I so often do when I watch it on TV. Anyway, lately the character Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) wore this hairstyle this past Thursday in the episode "Superfreak"

 So last night I decided to try it out on myself to see what it would look like. And I have to say that is one of my new favorite hairstyles! Here it is on me.

My braids are a lot smaller than the ones used in the show but the concept is the same. With my hair being so dark they are kind of hard to see. If I had highlights they would probably show up better. But I still gives that extra touch of detail that every girl should have.

I just wanted to share a new look with you all. Lately I have been into trying new hairstyles, especially vintage ones, ever since finding Lisa Freemont Street on YouTube. If you love vintage looks you should definitely check out her videos. Not only does she do hair but she also does makeup and reviews products as well. Plus she is such a sweetheart! Hopefully, as time allows, I will share some of the new hairstyles I've been trying out. Until next time, stay crafty!