November 5, 2010

That's Right, I'm a WINNER!

So a while back the lovely Miss CocoRose had a giveaway on her blog for some goodies in kind of a celebration for having her blog for a year, meeting new people and getting goodies of her own from others. At first there was only going to be one winner but then the lovely Vanessa (CocoRose) decided that she was give some other lucky readers some goodies too. Guess who was one of those readers? I have been a long time reader of Vanessa's but was always too shy to leave comments (now that I think of it, I'm shy on all the blogs that I read. Time to change that) until she had this lovely giveaway which gives everyone some courage I guess haha.

In all honesty I never thought that I would actually win since she has many followers but just wanted to say a little hi and say I love your blog. But then when I went back to her blog the next week...

I saw this on her blog post to announce the winner. I don't really know how to describe how I felt other than I did a double-take, made a strange noise I have never heard come out of my mouth and along with that a dance I have now idea came from (so glad there wasn't a video camera around). Once I calmed down and got somewhat back to normal I e-mailed Vanessa and waited patiently for my prize to arrive from Europe and to go home to get it...

Luckily I was able to go home this past weekend and would you look at the goodies!

I'm in love! There is a Cath Kidson frame that currently is holding the note Vanessa sent with the package until I can get a scrapbook page made and a lovely heart hanger. Both are now safe and sound in my dorm room adding some European flair.

Now if you haven't been to visit the Coco Rose Textile blog, I really suggest that you do! She has such lovely photos that are so colorful and inspiring they give you such a pick-me-up you can't help but feel warm inside. Plus her writing style is like she is an old friend that you have known forever. In other words, go give her site a little look-see and enjoy all the 'awwww' moments. Until next time, stay crafty!