January 3, 2012

Have you seen it?

I've definitely been bit by the "subway art" bug that has been going around. The way the words form some type of puzzle just keeps my mind going "wow, how'd they do that?"

Well today I decided to give it a try. I'm graduating in May and wanted to make something for my sentimental heart. So what better way than with some subway art? I basically just went through my memory bank of the last four years at school and decided on one to two words that would help spark that memory in the future. Once I had that list I went into my photo editing software (I use Paint Shop Pro, but you can use just about any program of the sort to do subway art) and began playing with different fonts and piecing it together. It did take me quite some time but it was so worth it!

I am so proud of this thing, there were moments I thought I couldn't pull it off! Right now it is just the background on my laptop but I definitely plan on printing this out and framing it as soon as I can.

If you want to make your own and want some pointers feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to give some advice and send you some links of inspiration. But most importantly: stay crafty!

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