April 10, 2012


Everybody has a weakness, heck even Superman does! Nobody is perfect and it's all apart of what makes us human.

I, myself, have quite a few "weaknesses" and will be the first to acknowledge them:

  • Some comments people make towards me I let get under my skin.
  • I have low self-esteem/confidence; Always have and always will, but with age I begin to feel more sure of myself. 
  • I am "socially awkward" in the sense that I am very shy and take a while to warm up to people.
  • I have problems trusting people and letting people in.

And I could go on. These weaknesses are just a part of what makes me, me and I'm okay with that. Do you want to know why? It's because I know that if I just keep working at them they won't be as "crippling" as they once were. 

(So my message to you, Past, Present & Future Christine, is don't let these weaknesses consume you and define you as a person. There is so much more to you than these characteristics alone. And if anyone uses these in a way to hurt you, just put on that smile and remember how far you have come.)