May 10, 2010

Ack! Birds!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day! We sure did, plus my mom's lilac bush has shipped so hopefully that will be here before the end of the week. And guess what else will be here before the end of the week? That's right, the yarn! I'm super excited to get this project done (lugging around the box my laptop came in is pretty tacky) and to get the tutorial up here for you guys. It's a super easy project that really takes no time at all, that is if you have all the supplies (oops).

Anyway, why I'm writing is to share with you that a mommy bird has decided to use our gutter as a place to build her nest this season. I noticed her up there when I let Midnight outside. Now I am extremely afraid of birds (crows mostly, my mom and grandma thought it was a good idea to have a six-year-old girl watch the Hitchcock film "The Birds") so I had my mom investigate encase things got a little ugly. But really the momma bird was quite calm, in fact so calm we thought she was dead for a second. It was quite chilly outside so she must have been keepin' her eggs warm and didn't really care what we were doing as long as we weren't after her eggs. But I'm sure she won't be as calm when they are hatched and we get close. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a few pictures of "Momma" and her nest to post on here. Until then, happy crafting (I have more projects for you guys to come)!