November 24, 2011

Gobble Gobble

I hope that you are all enjoying a wondrous Thanksgiving Day full of memories, loved ones, food, and football games (GO PACKERS). Not much is going on around here, my mom prepared an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner for the four of us (or should I say 6, the dogs got a little treat as well).

Other than that we are sitting around relaxing and celebrating my dad's birthday. Yep that's right his birthday is on Thanksgiving this year the lucky fart haha. This morning mom made her famous banana cream pies and tomorrow morning for breakfast I'm making his favorite monkey bread.

But before I fall asleep from that thing in turkey (why can I never remember the name), I wanted to share with you what I'm thankful for (not just today but everyday):

  • Life: The fact that I'm still here to experience what this world has to offer, whether in good times or bad, just living makes me grateful.
  • Family: All of them, I know that they are my rock and steady foundation. They helped shape me into what I am today. Plus they provided some of my favorite memories.
  • Friends: This includes you as well. The fact that I can come to you all and share my thoughts and feelings is something I cherish.
  • Pets: Past and present, they help keep me sane in crazy times and will always love me no matter what. And I will always love them.
  • Future: Although this last one scares me not knowing what it may hold, just the fact that I will have one is exciting.

P.S. Looked up the turkey thing and it's tryptophan. You know incase you were wondering as well.