December 2, 2011

3 weeks

Well it's that time again: "the three week itch." This is the time of fall semester where the brain is already on winter break, dreaming of all things Christmas and cozy, while professors are piling on the coursework with projects, quizzes, exams and FINALS! Plus that tiny little illness of "senioritis" is not helping matters (procrastination is not my friend, yet we keep hanging out). This also is the point of the semester where everyone (and I really do mean everyone) spends more time on calculating what score they need on their finals than actually studying for them. Don't worry about me though, I did my calculating over fall break. Right now I'm just happy that it's the end of the first week and some of my to-do list is going down.

"The three week itch" is also the time when winter is deceiving. You see my area hasn't really gotten any snow but the temperatures have dropped. And I don't care what the weather channel says for numbers, they can feel completely opposite i.e. one day it was 13F and I was sweating, the next it was 22F and I was shivering (maybe it's just my body?). Needless to say I'm not ready for winter yet.

So really I have not been up to much since Thanksgiving other than being bogged down with classes. I'm really looking forward to December 16th (the end of fall semester, thus my countdown begins). But there is still so much to do before then that I need to work on...

Next on the list: Presentation and Handout on the Use of genomics in genetic selection of donor cows for embryo transfer (thank goodness this is a group project).

Wish me luck!