December 31, 2011

I'll Miss You 2011!

As 2011 comes to an end in a few hours I can't help but think of all the great things that happened this past year. It did start off a little rocky, as most of my years do, but soon found the stride and met my "Repro Girls." We had a lot of fun times this year going on dog walks around the area in the most beautiful places and they even got me to try lamb chops for the first time. Plus there was that time we spent hours upon hours watching beef cows give birth. A few weeks ago they graduated and I could not be more happy for them. They hold a place in my heart and I hope we can hang out again soon (VEISHEA). I wish you both the best of luck and know that no matter what you girls set out to do in life you will be great at it!

One of my younger cousins also graduated from high school in May. It was great to see family and we could not be more proud of him. May also brought an end to my Junior year of college. Over the summer I worked at a food processing plant in my hometown and had a lot of fun working in the office. I met a lot of great and hard working people and my thoughts and prayers are with them due to recent events. This past week the plant had an explosion and one of their own suffered from severe burns. Luckily he is doing well but there is still a long way to go so we all pray for a speedy recovery.

During the summer I also was able to spend a lot of time with my family and of course the two dogs that take over most of my heart. Midnight is beginning to show his age getting a little more white on the nose and not moving around like he use to. But all in all he still has that "puppy power" about him when he wants to show it. This summer we discovered that Tempest suffers from allergies. It was so sad seeing her be so itchy but we finally found something that worked and with the winter setting in she is doing great.

August soon came and I said goodbye to my work family and hello to my family at college. The beginning of my senior year and boy did it go by fast with all of the course work, job hunt and the random trips to Hobby Lobby. In August I also started a YouTube channel for my other blog Crafting: Plus-Sized Edition and started scrapbooking again. I haven't scrapbooked in awhile due to school but I hope when I get back to my apartment in a week I can squeeze some in before classes take over again.  Plus there is a new project I can't wait to start so be sure to check over there in the next week. 

As I said this past semester went by in a blur really but the last week definitely took its toll on me. I had a final that took thirteen pages typed to answer as well as the usual final exams. I can not wait to see what next semester will bring. 

I hope you all have an excellent and safe New Years Eve. And I wish you all the best in 2012, may your lose ends get tied and those pieces fall into place. I will talk to you all tomorrow!