December 23, 2011

So Much to Tell and so Little Time

The last month once again has gotten away from me and was jam packed full of events that I want to tell you guys (but they each deserve their own post so look for those soon I hope).

Currently I am back home for winter break where my schedule gets messed up and drives me nuts haha. But it's so nice to be back with my family and my puppies! This past week I decided to make my own Hawaiian Pizza and snapped some pictures on my phone (so sorry that they are so crappy). It was delicious and required only a few ingredients.

All you need is a pre-made crust (the one I used required a brushing with olive oil), pizza sauce, Canadian bacon (or ham), pineapple and of course cheese.

I started out by spreading the pizza sauce (note I went right to the edge), spacing out the Canadian bacon and then tumbling the pineapple around.

 Then I sprinkled on the cheese. OH THE CHEESE!!

Then cooked it according to the directions for the crust. Look at the burnt cheese around the edge. YUMMY!

Look at all the golden browns, so good. The only thing I would do different is sizzle up the Canadian bacon before I put it on the pizza to give it a little extra crunch but other than that it was magnificent.

Hope you all have a splendid holiday season and I will be talking to all again soon!