July 10, 2012

Favorite Things of the Moment

  • Being the middle of a doggie sandwich
  • The smell of a well loved loved book
  • Curling up on the couch to watch a classic movie
  • Thunderstorms
  • A much needed breeze on a warm day
  • Stargazing from the back of my truck
  • Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade (seriously, check it out!)
  • A morning dove’s coo and a little wren’s song
  • The sound my dog makes when he finally gets comfortable
  • Having to tuck in my other dog before she goes to bed every night
  • 5-1-5-0 by Dierks Bentley (somebody call the po po!)
  • Getting a package in the mail, even if it is something I bought
  • Writing and sharing with you

(Note: I announced the winner of the Giveaway yesterday, so if you entered be sure to go check that and send me an e-mail so we can come up with ideas of your header or button!
Also, I have been combing two of my blogs so I can take better care of them both. While I was busy transferring posts over here I found one of my favorite features that I used to do "Sunday Matinée" where I would review movies every Sunday. I haven't done them in a while and really want to start them again.
I am also going to be adding a new feature called "From the Book Stack" where I review a book I read that week. That will be posted every Thursday and also hope to incorporate some videos into that as well that feature book hauls, "to be read" books for the coming month and a book rewind that showcases all the books I read the previous month. 
I hope that you will come back on Thursday and Sunday to see the new features because I would appreciate some feedback on those. Thanks for taking the time to read this long note and as always for coming to visit!)