July 22, 2012

Sunday Matinée: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love
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Director: ­­­­­­­Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

Writer: Dan Fogelman

Stars: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling & Julianne Moore


Favorite Quote: “Will you take off your shirt... f! Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped!”


Cal and Emily have the perfect life together living the American dream... until Emily asks for a divorce. Now Cal, Mr. Husband, has to navigate the single scene with a little help from his professional bachelor friend Jacob Palmer. Make that a lot of help...

Hilarious, Funny (that’s the same thing moron; well it begs repeating), and cute with a dash of romance. This is just one of those movies I will watch for years to come. What can I say; I have a thing for romantic comedies.


Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling’s bromance is one for the ages, and frankly, it makes me jealous (even if I can’t technically be part of bromance). The banter that they do back and forth is amazing, timed to perfection. Can I be honest? I think that this movie is more focused on the love that Cal and Jacob have rather than the other relationships in the story.


There is also the good girl and bad boy relationship, which I think that any girl is a sucker for. I mean doesn’t everybody still think that they can change the ways of said bad boy, but then learn it won’t happen (whoa, runaway train, let’s get back on track shall we). Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s chemistry made my heart melt plus holy twist towards the end batman! And that twist is worth getting over some of the issues I have with this movie (seriously, what is the point of that little girl?).


My Rating: 4 out of 5 checkers: