March 24, 2012

Slice of Life: Am vs. Should

In one of the previous posts I had eluded to my skill of being able to find anything and everything to-do other than what I really should be working on. Here is the prime example of the night:

What I should be doing...
  • Finalizing the HACCP Plan for Spamette project and begin working on the SSOP's and SOP's, also make a cover page/logo
  • Work on the Powerpoint for the Raw Hamburger Patty HACCP Plan
  • Review Sign Language for the test tomorrow
What I'm really doing...
  • Crocheting 'ripple' blanket
  • Reading 'The Help'
  • Catching up on my television shows
  • Reading blogs
  • Playing Words with Friends & DrawSomething
  • Laundry
Here's to a late night!