March 27, 2012

Slice of Life: Snippets

Alarm off at 8:00 a.m. - hit snooze for 15 minutes.

Get up, get ready and head to class.

Group project work day - constructing HACCP Plan for Pre-formed Raw Hamburger Patties. Almost done. YAY!

Go to Micro Lab - start working on "Unknown Project" - Took swabs of my toothbrush and a keyboard in my favorite computer lab on campus. Interested to see what kind of microbes are growing on those...EW!

Head to uncharted territories (aka a new computer lab) - Take forever to figure out how to log in on the network but finally do. Use 40 printing credits to print out homework and notes.

Sit in Micro Lecture - pretend to pay attention while trying not fall asleep. What's this, a video about fecal transfer? Kind of gross but still can't look away. Pay attention for rest of class period.

Come home - set out to be productive but get distracted by facebook, e-mails, blogs and words with friends (hello new addiction).

Hungry - go out and see roommates home. Go talk to her for a while and find out she is craving Taco Bell and needs to run to Walmart. Get some random things at store and order a Crunchwrap Supreme from TB. Yummy!

Arrive home - Eat, digest and be "productive" (yep, more words with friends). No one is playing so time to actually work. Work on Spamette HACCP Plan while rocking out.

Realize I have a post to write - get on blogger and write these snippets of my day. Start dozing off and remember I still have to shower and get ready for bed. So good night, I will talk to you tomorrow!