March 11, 2012

Slice of Life: The New Addition

What bones are to dogs, tools are to my dad.

It is just astonishing to me how many tools he has collected over the years, especially tape measures. You see my dad works at a local factory where he is the main steel cutter. Every now and then he has to buy a new tape measure for work and will bring the old ones home, no matter what condition, to use. Half of the time the numbers/lines are warn down to the metal or they are "sticky" to where they don't roll up well.

Yesterday, I placed FIFTEEN tape measures in front of my dad simply stating, "Really?" One by one he went through studying them carefully, unrolling and rolling them over and over. Eventually I got him down to four semi-decent tape measures, now it only I could get him to do that with all the tools that are bent/broken that he says are now "pry-bars." Gotta love him.

Now why am I talking about my dad's tool obsession?

Remember when I was talking about the excursions my family had planned, well one of them was to head to a near by city to get my dad a new tool box. We went to Tractor Supply, Lowes, Farm & Fleet and Menards. All of the stores provide numerous options but my dad had a checklist of what it needed to have: dual (not single) drawers, have drawer liners and be tall enough so the top could be used as a work table. Of all the roller cabinets that fit the bill though, only one got my dad excited about. Heck even I got excited, mostly because it wasn't black or red like you usually see but a hunter green. I even gave it a name!

Meet Patty, the newest addition to our household. Once we got home we went to work looking around the garage for tools to put in here. There is still a lot of work to organize them all (well in my opinion) so they are easier to find, but at least they all have a drawer with a few drawers still empty. And no dad that does not give you an excuse to go buy more tools!