March 12, 2012

Slice of Life: Missing that Hour

Being at home I am always distracted whether it's dogs, family, cooking or cleaning. I always start off breaks by making a list of things to get done, but there is always something that gets in my way. Plus losing that hour hasn't helped any matters. So my to-do list for tomorrow is:
  • Get Sign Language homework done
  • E-mail groups back about HACCP Plans and work on them
  • Type up some more of my great-grandma's diaries
  • Write a decent slice
  • Make Taco Pasta and Cheese Danish
  • Pick-up Dalton from school
  • Clean
And last but not least, hope the dogs sleep during the day so I can get all this done (I don't know what children are like, but I think my dogs could give your kids a run for their money in terms of trying to get attention).